Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy Labour Day

Today is a very meanful day to every worker, because it's a holiday to them. As I remember, I often listen people said, if you dont study well, next time become rubbish collector, wash toilet and others job which sound very low status.

I here to speak and voice up my opinion that, never never look down at the people which do very low status job or very low pay job. I really hate those people that like to compare their job with others and show off how much they can earn.

If there is no toilet cleaner, do you think you can enjoy your pee in toilet?

Especially when some company teach people saying that, you do all these lousy job got what use, salary so low, high stress, you should join us in selling our product, you will definately rich.

Do you think you can earn alot money mean you have a very high status and standard?

Here I say, "PUIIIIII" pui pui !!

Without these labour worker in construction,

you think you can build and live in a beautiful house?

In a beautiful city?


Without them, your house will full of rubbish.

And any of you who think rubbish worker is very lousy people,

I am sorry to say that your brain is full of rubbish.

No matter they are educated or not,

they have did a very wonderful job and,

We never realize how important is their job and they willing to do it for us.

For those who think these people have a very lousy job, I suggest you go to learn blowjob.


Happy Labour Day

"Respect every people no matter what job they do"


Marciana said...

Next time, when i marry you =p
I don wan work... =) then everyday will be labour day for me... =D
yea, we should respect those worker.. some of them oso not bad, can speak ang mo one.. some people got degree.. ang mo oso so lousy.. =.=

elims Chuang 光宏 said... *hint*! crazy u get it or not? ^^

Ya, many ppl just think they are 'high' post and no need to see down people do wat, and not appreciating, that is really sad case. They even forget, they are also origin from the down stream people before they get so high. Furthermore, they dunknow there are lot people at down there, supporting them for them to continue maintaining at top.


Good post! keep it up!

Asian Traveler said...

Yeah I agree. We have to treat people with equal respect and dignity especially the less fortunate ones. It's just like treating people the way you would like them to treat you.

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theeggyolks said...

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Windz said...

Totally extra super fully extremely AGREED! : )

sabahking said...

i agree with u 'respect everybody no matter what job they are" !!

TNH said...

nice post...we work because we want matter what work, as long as it bring money in the right way, no one should look down at them.

s y l v i a said...

I agree with you (:

Anonymous said...

found your site today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later ..

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