Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bring Michael Jackson Alive !!

Since Michael Jackson have pass away, and after reading TNH post about him and his fun game, I decide to write something about it too. His dead really stun me a few second after heard from radio, it's really sad things for me although I not a crazy fan of him. Some how, he is really create a legend that everybody will pay a respect to him.

Michael Jackson's Moonwalker Sega Genesis Master Game

Since he is dead, nothing else can we do, but we can always bring him alive. I would like to say: Lets Bring Michael Jackson Alive !! You can do it !! Here is a game introduce to you, Michael Jackson's Moonwalker. To play you need to download two things, emulator and rom.

Emulator link : Tested, can be use in window vista, and others.

Rom : Lattest and sound nicer, play by using emulator.

Just have to download this two things, then load the rom file then you can play, might need to setup the keyboard in config part. This game is about saving kids, and fight with enemy, think of it, Michael Jackson used to be hero and good to kid in game, but in real, I wonder why he been sued for those funny cases. -_-

Have fun, now you can control his life and bring Michael Jackson to alive !! Rock it !!


TNH said...

haha..till now i still can finish this game..the most is after the tomb level..

Jojo said...

eee cool can do moonwalk. i have just downloaded hehe. Thanks CrazyFool

amenwolf said...

Used to be my favorite game.

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