Thursday, June 11, 2009

Working Trip To Kapit And Sibu

Last month, I was went to working at Kapit and Sibu. Along the road, from Kuching To Sri Aman, Sri Aman to Sibu. I could feel that was a long journey compared to sitting bus or boat.

One of the best photo I snap from way to Sri Aman.
Sri Aman is a small town and I found nothing interesting other than the two little big white bird at the round about.
Way straight to Sibu and the next morning straight using long boat down to Kapit.
A town that cannot reach by road yet.
People have been saying that Kapit is another UK in Sarawak, Malaysia because UK stand for Ulu Kapit which make no different in the short form, UK.
UK main transportation will be boat boat. Have some time walking in town, there is some shop, hotel, market nearby the jetty and that is their town area.
Walking around the town, you can end up seeing lessbian study stone book together at public as well as in front the JKR building as you can see behind them. JKR building seem like quite same design like the JKR beside my house. You can see the first photo from TNH blog that he blog about JKR. And not forget to mention, the lesbian stone is actually a decoration of their local library.

The only things that is Great in UK, Ulu Kapit that is their Mamak stall, street food stall, is high technology because you can see up to 4 or more ASTRO sattelite on their roof.
At the night time, nothing much entertainment can be find from UK, because mostly shop close after 6pm. The interesting show will be found in a particular restaurant that offer some illegal mountain pig meat or others. You can enjoy watching "Tortoise Torturing Show" in their shop if you are lucky.

Few day later, sitting boat way back to Sibu work.
Sibu is another town that fill with bird bird and is alot if you go visit yourself. Their bird is larger than Sri Aman because that is a sign of SIBU is bigger town than SRI Aman.
Another great things I found at the town is their rubbish collector is very intelligent as well because they can standing on the rubbish collector truck with one hand holding the car and one hand holding the phone sms? That's why I said, we should pay all respect to these worker.

Way back to Kuching from Sibu, I notice that rural areas people enjoy picnic beside roadside and they drive their car into the grassland.

Along the way, thanks to the powerful BMW 3 Series which make the trip safe and fast.
Finally I experienced driving a BMW.
Thanks for reading the post. Catching up more interesting video in next post !


Borneo Falcon said...

I went to Sri Aman early this year and they gave fresh paint to the bird statue on your recent visit

Borneo Falcon said...
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elims Chuang 光宏 said...

wao! nice car!

The lesbian..errrr... @@"

TNH said...
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TNH said...

i wonder is all the 4 satelite working? or they only use one now?THe other 3 are for decoration..hehe

sabahking said...

sarawak memang like that one !! here kucing and bird !! waste money to build this and that !!

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