Monday, July 27, 2009

Unbelievable !! My Dwarf Hamster Got Baby AGAIN!!

Day by day, I am busy with just study, working, eat, sleep, play. Have been out of idea and lazy to blog. Today wake up in the morning, was saw something extraordinary for me. My Mama dwarf hamster got baby again !! How can that be? I already leave her alone with 7 baby without any big male le! The baby was left 4, 3 eaten by Mama and others baby might because they weaker.

Can see from photo.. other baby size still small but Mama Hamster got baby again !!

How this happen ?? Pregnant without mating with male hamster.

20 day later born again. hahaha

Now I saw got 3 new baby hamster. Yeah.. replacing the dead one haha..

This is third time she give birth. Shock, still planning to mate her when the baby grow big a little hahahaha...


Wolf said...

sure lots of babys

Marciana said...

Mama hiao, dada also hiao :P
The 4 hamster we name them dodo, hoho, koko, momo
the 3 new one we name them hehe,yeye,gege :)

LynMay said...

Err...if you mate the mother with its own baby, the health risk of the future baby would be pretty high...
Why not trade one of your male babies with another hamster owner?


patty king said...

Dang! Ur hamsters r soooo productive? ahahaa..

Loving Kindness@Samsara said...

Ah Foo...l - you getting lazy arh? How come your posting only talk about making babies. Where is the funny bones that I am interested in. Alamak, wake up man! Give me some humor lah! Eh Sai Bo????

TNH said... have to isolate the mama from others leh

Ken Wooi said...

congrats? haha.. =D

Anonymous said...

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live3054 said...