Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Why You Are Not Happy ?

Well, finally I settle with my final last saturday and have time to blogging now. I sitting in front of my computer and thinking alone, what I want to blog about? I kinda out of idea because my blog is not going to write much about my life because my blog is to cheer everyone not to let everyone fall sleep.

After read my very old website which is going to close (just to let you know, geocities will close after october if not mistaken), I decide to write some more about it and let's figured it out.

Why You Are Not Happy ?

1. Study, Busy study, stress for exam, stress for lousy result, parent give stress, got kiasu friends want compare result with you, all sort of school matter? Or,

2. Working, Too much of work, low salary, boss insn't treat you nice, problems with collegues, no business, cannot reach sales target, customer complaint, boring repeating task, no holidays ? Or,
3. Family, Family problems, F.A.M.I.L.Y father ask mother i love you?, poor family background, not get along well with family member, nothing interesting at home? Or,
4. Love, cannot see the love from people, bf or gf did not treat you nice, past memories that cannot let go, bf or gf did not look forward for better future, complicated relationship, no body want? Or,

5. Money, not enough money to spend, no money to enjoy, not enough money to buy things you desire, not enough money to further study, money money money?

When you have either one of these 5 symtom, I declare

"you are really not happy"

Let's analysis,

Every normal person will at least have one of the problem, meaning to say that every normal person is not happy. But do you see every one around you is always not happy?

There is a few things for me to share how to be a more happy person:

1. Learn, learn from mistake, learn from others, learn to start learning, many people hate to learn because when school time, being force to learn, however, learning is the process which happen since we born until we die. If we dont keep learning and improve ourself, we will never get happy life because for sure, you will left behind.

2. Appreciate, must always appreciate what you have now, what you own now, not to hate you driving a small kancil, not to hate you living in a poor house and blame your parent. Without appreciating what you have, you will never feeling happy. Appreciate when people give help to you, appreciate that you is still alive until now. Appreciate when people scold you, advice you, because they are the one who dare to change you, tell you the mistake you did. Of course, if some one scold you nonsense, you dont have to bother it.

3. Satisfy, do you ever satisfy when you have food, home, education, job? If you never satisfy things around you, you will never happy ! As we living on, we must satisfy ourself, should not expect too much from others. To have a better satisfaction stage, we should learn what we have now, what we can have in future. If you not satisfy when you only can own a small house, you should think many people are homeless. We must not expect to much from people, if you want to expect many from people, you should also give return. And never expect any return if you want to help anyone.

4. Believe, you must always believe in yourself. Believe you can earn more money, believe you can do it, believe you can change something, believe that no matter what happen you can overcome it, no matter how the situation is cannot be change or hopeless, believe yourself, believe the universal will give you a power to change it. Of course, please dont just sleep at home and believe you will earn alot money.

5. Read My Blog, yalah.. support my blog ma, please please, haha.

I hope I can help you figure out how to be a more happy person, anyway, as we still living on, we must always think positive, let go the unhapiness that happen in past, dont carry on into our life. Some time, we can choose to be happy or not happy, it's all depends on how we think, how we face the problem. Since we are so lucky got chance to play computer and appear to read my blog, it means that you are very lucky person that is not live in hunger and homeless right?

So at last, I hope you are motivated, or at least think a little bit why want to be a unhappy person for the whole life?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Different Living Keep It On

It's been a long time I dont really update my blog, I wonder there is still anybody come to check my blog. It's all because of busy life getting on, until I finish my exam next saturday. Hoping to write something extraordinary after that and come back to the blogshere.
It's been a while I dint sit on a big old bus with noisy engine sound. The bus driver also the ticket seller now. He charge me for RM 1 from pasar to Saberkas. I remember that when I high school, it is only not more than RM 0.6 or RM 0.8. It remind me that I always go to pasar with friend with bus at the past. Things never change thats the ticket still look classic.

My small betta fish some growing bigger again which I getting neglect them from time to time.

Something I have to done properly next week, important :

MGT342 - BUSINESS ETHICS 12 August 8am-10am - Done (75% Pass)
MGT345 - CROSS-CULTURAL MANAGEMENT 12 August 5pm-7pm Done (80 % Pass)
MGT343 - PRINCIPLES & OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT 13 August 8am - 10am (65 % Pass)
HRM236 - SOCIOLOGY OF WORK 15 August 4pm-7pm (68% Pass)

After finish this test then I will move to last stupid year for the degree. Hopefully all will pass without any problem ~

After this I will be able to get more time into blog, and get crazy !