Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Different Living Keep It On

It's been a long time I dont really update my blog, I wonder there is still anybody come to check my blog. It's all because of busy life getting on, until I finish my exam next saturday. Hoping to write something extraordinary after that and come back to the blogshere.
It's been a while I dint sit on a big old bus with noisy engine sound. The bus driver also the ticket seller now. He charge me for RM 1 from pasar to Saberkas. I remember that when I high school, it is only not more than RM 0.6 or RM 0.8. It remind me that I always go to pasar with friend with bus at the past. Things never change thats the ticket still look classic.

My small betta fish some growing bigger again which I getting neglect them from time to time.

Something I have to done properly next week, important :

MGT342 - BUSINESS ETHICS 12 August 8am-10am - Done (75% Pass)
MGT345 - CROSS-CULTURAL MANAGEMENT 12 August 5pm-7pm Done (80 % Pass)
MGT343 - PRINCIPLES & OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT 13 August 8am - 10am (65 % Pass)
HRM236 - SOCIOLOGY OF WORK 15 August 4pm-7pm (68% Pass)

After finish this test then I will move to last stupid year for the degree. Hopefully all will pass without any problem ~

After this I will be able to get more time into blog, and get crazy !


elims Chuang 光宏 said...

no body no body..
no worry no worry..

CH Voon said...

i think you can do it!

no problem la...

if you spend time to study....

TNH said...

why suddenly got mood go ride bus? haha..

Marciana said...

After exam then go play :D
So long we din go out play liao :(

xander said...

i like the fish picture
it's very good

CH Voon said...

sell out the fish to earn some pocket money

lian莲 said...

Aye! handsome...加油!!!!

Sure got people come come go go wan ma! I come also... u must finish exam. Blog can wait...4 extraordinary!

Mus listen to Aunty Lian huh! If not you kena rotan from me!

kenwooi said...

the bus ticket reminds me of the days i used to take public bus =)

Roger said...

it looks like you no longer have your fantastic long pinky nail - what happened? Did you decide to cut it or did it break off? Do you still have it?

live3054 said...