Sunday, October 25, 2009

Be Aware of Bank Islam

Last few day, I passby a bank that give me extra attention to the floor because there have a banner showing something funny that make me worry. See yourself and you will understand !

Beware of Banana Leaf that might cause you to fall into accident !! That is really serious !!

Hahahahahhahahhaa !!

Bank Islam you got a really great plan (pelan) there !!

As low as RM 100 to protect yourself from accident !!

( Fall from banana leaf included ?)

This is just interesting for me when I notice this kind of advertising strategy. Will it works?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Noob Work's Flash Animation

Remember back it was 2006, it's hot about flash animation and games on flash. By that time, I was excited to know that there is program to make our own flash. But after install, I found the difficulty of function language and the arts skill, patience is really important to do a good flash. Today I presented my very own lousy flash which made durings the year 2006. Dont Laugh.

Watching alot dragon ball cartoon on saturday and sunday 9.00pm - 9.30pm and give me the idea doing this. A bit lame. LoL

This is another extreme flash that I did because of the shocking accident happen in my friends house (TNH) and I just dont know how to explain the situation to everyone so I made this video to tell my friend. My head was a little break and being needle for 5 stitch. Of course I am not dead like the video.. haha. Actually I not knock to the wall showing, is a lower step of wall at the house.

This video need load longer because with music.

This is the most serious car accident I come across for my self. Remember back I still drive my old Toyota Crown, I was driving at right road, and suddenly a kancil drive out from a road when I almost near to that junction, he still run away like chicken after I knock him. He only door spoilt, mine really serious.

Making flash is very interesting things, but it take alot time and patience to do it. Too sad and bad, I am not in IT field, I dont study computer stuff, so I dint spend more time on it after some time.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Insect Killing Period

Form 6 bio student is mad during this few month I guess, they busy searching for any insect with 6 leg. I dont really know what they want to do with them after kill them. I just come to know that form 6 student need to do something like this. haha

It is cruel to see they kill one by one.

If you see carefully, this dragonfly is still smiling after the needle stab into the body.
Dudu is so excited with the hunting of 3 little insect. She need more bigger one. Help? I just find that insect is so hard to find when I want to look for it. Maybe go to the wrong place to find insect.
Home got visitor, snake, luckily did not bite by this black snake but it kill hundreds of my fry when try to attack it away. It climb into my the red bin and the bin is full of fry. The snake dont want to go way, so pour out the water then only go away. Alot fry alot pour away sad. There is another shorter snake appear near the toilte when want to pour the water out. Just explain briefly.
I got 6 hamster now. The reason snake come I think is because I put two big hamster outside the house. So snake smell it or what then come to hunt them. Luckily it did not happen. I selling out them now at mudah.
I look so noob -_-

Thursday, October 1, 2009

September's Happening

I have been missing last month, nothing special happen that encourage me to write blog. Some how I want to write down some of the things happen in previous month.

This cheese cake is i order from, it taste really nice and cheap. But is only available for Kuching, Sarawak. Here is the link for more detail. CLICK HERE
Well, my Mama dwarf hamster have pass away after a few weeks caring these 4 small naughty hammie. I remember when the mother die, the kids bite her mouth because her mouth nearest to meat and they eating her. Reason she die I dont know, guessing breed too many time or kena hammie suck her nen nen till die, or sick or not enough food or not enough vitamin. Food i give alot.. maybe not digest well when I give her Jacob Hi-fire biscuit (I tot is easy digest one le).

New petrol - RON 95 one word - SUCK -, not cheap, not powerful, yes fast finish.

Smoke, haze everywhere in Kuching, weather is really hot damn it. Above the blue roof, suppose you can see Four Points Sheraton Hotel , but now, you can see it blurly only. Stupid haze. By now, I got more and more betta fish, success grow rate is higher and got more fry food for my fry. This new year, I going to have at least 500 or more betta fish. I dont know what happen when I have no place to put them. Get more table? Rack?
This is once of my very nice piece of puzzle hang in front of my computer chair. It remind me that "The Truth Is Always Only One!"
Presented by Conan Detective cartoon which is a very nice cartoon.
Mooncake festival is two more day, here is the handmade mooncake by dudu, for sure taste good. Hereby wishing everyone play lantern burn lantern.