Thursday, October 1, 2009

September's Happening

I have been missing last month, nothing special happen that encourage me to write blog. Some how I want to write down some of the things happen in previous month.

This cheese cake is i order from, it taste really nice and cheap. But is only available for Kuching, Sarawak. Here is the link for more detail. CLICK HERE
Well, my Mama dwarf hamster have pass away after a few weeks caring these 4 small naughty hammie. I remember when the mother die, the kids bite her mouth because her mouth nearest to meat and they eating her. Reason she die I dont know, guessing breed too many time or kena hammie suck her nen nen till die, or sick or not enough food or not enough vitamin. Food i give alot.. maybe not digest well when I give her Jacob Hi-fire biscuit (I tot is easy digest one le).

New petrol - RON 95 one word - SUCK -, not cheap, not powerful, yes fast finish.

Smoke, haze everywhere in Kuching, weather is really hot damn it. Above the blue roof, suppose you can see Four Points Sheraton Hotel , but now, you can see it blurly only. Stupid haze. By now, I got more and more betta fish, success grow rate is higher and got more fry food for my fry. This new year, I going to have at least 500 or more betta fish. I dont know what happen when I have no place to put them. Get more table? Rack?
This is once of my very nice piece of puzzle hang in front of my computer chair. It remind me that "The Truth Is Always Only One!"
Presented by Conan Detective cartoon which is a very nice cartoon.
Mooncake festival is two more day, here is the handmade mooncake by dudu, for sure taste good. Hereby wishing everyone play lantern burn lantern.

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Anonymous said...

Hihi im ur secret admirer, the cake i taste before also, so yummy!!! but i no money order again, even though its cheap.. :(