Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Different Lifestyles

Before, study in college time, always so free to do funny stuff in blog to try get more traffic and earn advertisement fees. It is really everyday so free to play but not much money I earn.

anything also can do even with video, should check it out ! HERE

Now, have to working during holiday, wear formal, act professional sometime, but quite free also some time hehe. erm. hair a bit long again, look like noob.

Because of working, it certainly influence me to loss my time and mood to blogging. Most of the reason is, my blog is aim to do something funny to entertain everyone, so it take alot of creativity and idea to do it, I admit, I lack of idea recently.

Sometime, this world is really full of interesting things around, ever heard of posting fish to other state? This box is fill with 11 packed betta fish post to sabah. Nett profit RM 50. Although busy working, I always spend my time to feed my fish. I have to wake up earlier in the morning just because to have enough time to feed them before get ready to work.
Anyway it is still worth it for putting effort into feeding betta fish. It is interesting and still earn a little money return to my pocket. This is the betta female fish I post to Sabah. Now left a few. New batch of betta fish might look prettier than this. They still not yet big enough to for sale hehe, you can see how many $$ there. Going to expand more spaces for my betta fish! Will show in my another fish blog.

To see more about betta fish, go to my all about betta fish blog > HERE <

Last and not least, have to thanks my dudu baked me some sweety love cookies~ hehe.. Yummy !


CH Voon said...

wah... you post betta fish...

Can or not? later send over there... oledi di ko die liao

sabahking said...

wahseh.... ur fish very beautiful !! earn a lot mah, funny king?

TNH said...

RM 50 net profit.. sound great...

Jericho Chua said...

Hey.. you really look like the hong kong actor u know..