Tuesday, November 3, 2009

It's Me !! Voon Choon Foo !!

Today went to do passport... guess go where? Dont tell you guy !

This is Me la ! Voon Choon Foo !! erm.. noob face lah.. haha
How about this? Look better eh? But I wondering why people like to speak malay to me at first. Do I look like Malay keh?

Malay is look like this one ma... Erm.. got leng loi gf want take photo with me malay le!
erm.. continue become malay liao haha
Yes I do cake play with icing.. erm.. but my sifu doing much more geng stuff.. do check it out.. got sell also.. must buy ! check here => http://dudu-chipmunk.blogspot.com/Look cute le doggy cake!!
errr suddenly pop this little girl.. who is this.. look familiar leh.. haha.. she smart girl o.. dont play play.. know hack people laptop.. should go check it out at this blog.. now she is small famous blogger le! chvoon.blogspot.com


Marciana said...

kenapa tidak post saya pakai scarf punya photo..
saya muka macam orang cina(dari china)??
Kenapa orang tot saya dari cina hahahaahahaha
But i likey~~~ people tot im from other country other than malaysia :P
memories :(

CH Voon said...

hi dropping by here...
little monkey inside also ar... hahaha

Anonymous said...

ur passport photo look so funny lar!

kenwooi said...

lol what's with the scarf?
talk malay to you?
even chinese also talk malay to you ar? lol =P


Anonymous said...

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