Thursday, December 24, 2009

Silent Night and Merry Christmas !

Merry Christmas ! What it mean for you? When I go to China, I feel the cold, I feel the celebration, I feel the moment. People wearing cot, jacket walk at the street, it is winter time. In Kuching small places, if you stay at home, you will not feeling anything. Only you went to those busy places to enjoy those moment.
For me, I not a christian, but I do enjoy this celebration. It is a kind of year end moment and full of nice song jingle bell wind which blew you to have kids memories. When the silent night come, it is truely silent tonight, for sure, outside those busy shop will be extra noisy tonight. It is a peace sign if you go to church and listen to they singing and pray I think, you will feel the holyness and peaceful moment. That the feeling it give me. However I not going to pray those things.

I do feel that christmas is a very big day in overseas, many people out there were celebrating, I feel waste for staying home. A year just past away soon, still dreaming and did nothing for this year? Have you receive your christmas present? I going to get one myself soon.. haha.. Here wish everyone happy christmas, year end, all the best for next year, and all the bad past away !

Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Journey To China

From Kuching to Kuala Lumpur, From Kuala Lumpur to China, Guang Zhou, then not sure from Guang Zhou will be going to where first, wat I know will be heading to Fujian too as the arrow show.
Going to visit other country is my first time, I dont know how it is, but the feelings is so far away. Maybe I already quite get used to stay in my hometown, kitty kuching town, travel is not something often for me. What I expecting now is, sapu some baju, China phone, and anything interesting.

A 10 days journey is quite long for me, hopefully everything is fine, peace, onitofood. 5/12-13-12. Before I go, wish everyone take good care of themself especially my stupid dudu. (I Love You :o )
Wait I come back ~!

Before go China Look (see after back will got more china face or not)