Saturday, February 27, 2010

Why I AM So BUSY ???

Happy CNY to everyone first.. It's been a while I dint blog because really alot things I need to do and loss the mood to blogging. Since nuffnang still contributing me cents and cents so I should not earn so free money haha. Let's me tell you what I busy with recently.. very simple..

1. Busy act cool... Haha.. no la.. maybe is my self management not very well, it make like many things come together and become a bit mess and busy.. just more easy to say, I am lazy some time. haha..
New year, school open, need to pass up alot assignment, last minute, so become very busy for assignment. School really very boring, listen lecture talk useless stuff, learn something that not really useful in real life some time.

Working, beside study then I have to put some time on working. Working is just same with double nah. I need to do anything that is asking for, designer/seller/office boy/driver/taukei. But I do learn something and earn a bit during working, not bad also lah..

Of course not forget that my betta fish is getting more and more !! Since got customer support me, and interesting part of betta fish, I am continue breeding, feeding my fish. I going to get better gene and quality betta to breed, hopefully there is market for it and something looking good coming out soon. Hehe

Ehh... last and not not least, have to busy and spend time 365 day a year with my taukeinio. Without doing so later will kena fire. Tiger year need to be very tigering, need to earn more more money, fast fast graduate, fast fast run run like tiger.
Since tomorrow is Chap GOH MEI, Wishing All a Happy Chap Goh Mei !!! Thanks for everyone who come to visit my house, and sorry for some of you because I not manage to go your house this year. ALL THE BEST EVERYONE !!!!