Friday, August 20, 2010

Life Goal Towards Future

Last few day I finally finish my final exam for my Degree in Business Admin of University of Hertfordshire - UK. Honestly, when the clock run to 7.00pm. Lecture said time's up stop writting ! I have a bit excited and release feeling because no more exam going on ! After weeks study finally it's over !!

Don't know why, after step out to class, my happy feeling slightly gone, and its feel like nothing at all. Is it because no one celebrate with me? Or because my plan to go Kuching Festival is cancel? And my very wish to make a nice planted tank cannot be started so soon because of budget and fren not helping me make aquarium so soon.. Maybe then I have to go home and do something usual. Nothing is special going on..

Anyway finished the final exam is really something I hoping for many years, because most of my friends is already graduate, and luckily many of them also graduate this year which I not left too far behind. I quite confident that my result would allow me to graduate peacefully...and hopefully without any unexpected things happen... who knows.. but I think I can la.. answer all ma.. at least pass... haha..

What is the life after graduate? The first things come in my mind is I want to make a planted tank.. Because I really like it very much, the beautiful and success of it is will brings very high satisfaction level to me that I can sense. Second is to tidy my room. Yeah messy room always messy.. Finally I find my self a holiday after exam to tidy it. Still left some part not enough time to do it.

Most of the people, when they graduate, they also equal to unemployment person. Lucky me have to start working or actually go back working the day after my 1 day holiday. Is that a happy news or I should enjoy more holiday? I think I wish to enjoy more holiday but no more nice holiday I can enjoy cause I am old enough to start working and earn some money.

I dont know how far I can go for in this company, for the moment, it show some potential to continues on at least, I am ready to look for any new job because I very confident many employer out there are happy to hire me because many reason..

Towards future, I planning to take graphic design course when I got money to support my self, MBA as well. Graphic design course is because I need it for the job I handle for the moment, and I also believe it will help me earn alot money, did alot great job by design many important sales material. Maybe can earn side income as well. MBA of course is something else I hoping for, however I dont really know any things about MBA yet, I only know it's help me to shut up many of the idiotic low level thinking people who looks down at you, think that you are nuts which dont really have good education background. Actually MBA also nothing hat really so great, but at least I hope it gain some respect from peoples, and help me to learn more things.

Life goal towards future ins't so easy because my career development is way to begin only. The most important is that I must earn alot money and generate more money in future. Without money, any person will look down at you. Peoples nowsday are super not only super, are extremely realistic till out of my mind. There is very simple way to describe it, "no money, no talk".

Crazyfool fun post are no longer appear in my blog. Unless I too free to do it. I also believe there will be no more people checking my blog. I realise that facebook is a very nice tools to share nice things already. Therefore, I not going to share something fun purposely, I not going to have such times to entertain my self and everyone out there. I enjoy watching video share in facebook because most of it are quite good, funny, meaningful, shocking... all in one you can find it.

Talking back my betta fish, before exam, I keep thinking to breed my fish when finish exam. After exam, my fish not cooperate with me, only 2 are success. And I doubt after working I got so much heart to take care over it. I think I can manage it. Now, beside bettas, I have so many guppy, mollies, some swordtail. Have to thanks to my fren who give me few pair of it. And now I have many many pairs of it. Haha.. Feeding fish will be my hobby, I hope I can keep it long hobby, hopefully not too often to travel... I must start setup planted tank.. because it take times to grow.. when grow.. I can start do business again.. then keep nice red cherry, crystal shrimp.. hopefully in planning.. hahaha

I must sleep now.. tomorrow need wake early to office.. I hope I can retire when I am 40 or earlier. Good night to my self.

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