Monday, November 8, 2010

Rodeo Drive Rhinoplasty

Are you considering a rhinoplasty in California? Rodeo Drive Rhinoplasty are your choice. Rodeo Drive Rhinoplasty are the only plastic surgery center on world-famous Rodeo Drive. They provided glamorous and bring elegance, sophistication, and superb service to their care of rhinoplasty patients.

Actual Beverly Hills rhinoplasty patient, results may vary People have many reasons for seeking a California rhinoplasty. At Rodeo Drive Rhinoplasty they customize their procedure to each individual needs. Sometimes this means removing a bump on the nose, narrowing the nose, elevating a drooping tip, doing other refinements to the nose's shape, or opening the breathing passages. During the consultation, their surgeons will work with you to determine the best approach to improving the appearance and, if necessary, the function of your nose. As you can see from their before and after rhinoplasty photo gallery, they work with many different types of noses and bring individualized approaches to your procedure. Among plastic surgery procedures, rhinoplasty surgery is perhaps the most challenging. Paying attention only to aesthetics can lead to difficulties with breathing following surgery. Paying attention only to breath flow can compromise aesthetics. At Rodeo Drive Rhinoplasty in California, their surgeons work to overcome these potential issues by using their different perspectives to focus simultaneously on improving both appearance and function. Because of its equal importance in appearance and breathing, our California rhinoplasty surgeons have developed The Rodeo Drive Breathe Easy Rhinoplasty. Their two plastic surgeons do all of their rhinoplasties as a team. They have different but complementary training and backgrounds that they apply to your rhinoplasty. This interdisciplinary approach provides you with the benefit of a broad perspective and skills during your evaluation and treatment. At Rodeo Drive Rhinoplasty in California, they give equal focus to the cosmetic and functional aspects of your rhinoplasty.

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