Monday, March 28, 2011

Kuching Got Alot 1 Malaysia "Ang Pao" !!!

Wuah.. interesting this time, last sunday I went to Kenyalan with my mom, suddenly one person pass by and drop me one "1 Malaysia Ang Pao" eh !! So nice, seems like this group of people wearing 1 Malaysia shirt is giving away to everybody. Lucky me to get it. :D

Let me reveal how this lovely "Ang Pao" ( RED PACKET ) look like :

Wuahhh so red and big this " Ang Pao Pao " ( Red Bag Bag ) oh.. very good le!

The 1 Malaysia Logo is sticker one, so if you dont like it, you can take it off easily.

Wuahhhh Still got free plastic bottle le! When I see the brand... WAHhhh is Tupperware le!

Should be not fake one lo.. another 1 Malaysia Sticker is on it ! Lucky is sticker !!

Wah inside still got PM FACE leh, writting one fair, one tolerance, and stable. Brand NEW Malaysia !! Wait... Why I am getting these free gift?? ( the last gift are a bit useless anyway ) Owhhh Its gonna election

its gonna election

Sarawak Election is Coming to Town~

16 APRIL 2011


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elims Chuang Kuang Hong 庄光宏 said...

Yeah! 1 Malaysia, 1 hati, 1 angpao, 1 tupperwear, 1 kali syiok, 1 kali bagi lu hilang arah, i kali undi salah... @@"

It's your time to vote for your future! Enjoy~ :p